How to protect eyes when using smartphone in bed?

Tips to protect eyes when using smartphone in bed
Recently, studies show that using electronic products in bed is harmful to human body. The bright screen will stimulate eyes in dark, which make eyes easier to get tired, and long-time concentration increases the risk of dry eyes. It also reduces sleep quality and causes problems of cervical and lumbar vertebrae. But, for many people, it is still so hard to get away from smartphones in bed.
Smartphone is one of the most important necessities for most users nowadays. Before falling in sleep, using smartphone in bed is a common frame shown in most bedrooms. Therefore, in order to protect eyes, tips are needed to keep in mind when using smartphone at night.
Reduce screen luminance and night mode is better
Bright screen will make your eyes tired quickly. When using smartphone in dark, changing the browser or reader to night mode and try your best to reduce the screen luminance will help a lot. On the other hand, cool-toned is better than warm-toned color and you should be careful about color differences, such as black and white, which hurt eyes most.
Lie flat is the best way
Lying on one side gives the highest pressure to your eyes and causes vision deviation between left and right, while lying prostrate affects blood circulation in elbows and brain and make it hard to fall in sleep. Lying flat is the best way to comfort each part of your body except arms. You can use quilts or pillows to help your elbows, or release your arm and hold your device byMulti-Angle Lazy Mount.
Turn a light on at night
There is a high contrast between dark environment and bright screen, which will make eyes tired. Under the situation, eye specialists indicated that spasm of aceommodatio, a short-time blurred vision, may occur. So, it is better to turn on a light when using smartphone at night.
There is something that people who using smartphone for a long time should be aware of. First of all, keep the distance between eyes and smartphone from 10 to 15 inches. Secondly, do not continue to use smartphone longer than a half hour. Thirdly, when feel tired, close your eyes or look into the distance.